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The natural sweetener of zero calorie


FruitSwit is the novel sweetener formula developed based on cutting edge natural ingredients. It has below advantage:

-          Made from all natural ingredients;

-          Suitable for diabetic use;

-          No dental issues;

-          Tastes Delicious.

-          Excellent sweetener for hot or cold beverages, and Baking;


FruitSwit has around 3 times sweetness  of sugar, and is recommended to be used widely together with tea, coffee, soups, baked goods, pickled foods.


FruitSwitis made from below natural ingredients:


l  Monk fruit extract (Magou-V)

Monk fruit, also known as Luo Han Guo, Siraitia grosvenorii, or Momordica grosvenorii), is a  perennial grass liana. The ripe fruit of which has been used in China for hundreds years,  to make soft drinks. The typical sweet taste has also made it the choice alternative sweetener when people make cakes, conserve and sweet dishes. Magou-V is the branded Monk fruit extract made by Hill Pharmaceutical with its patented technique. It is a full natural concentrated powder naturally enriched with the concentrated sweet component of monk fruit, and is the major sweet source of FruitSwit.


l  Erythritol

This is a sugar alcohol made from glucose, the manufacturing process is to ferment glucose first and then desalt and decolor. It tastes cool and sweet. It not absorbed by the body, therefore is normally considered as zero calorie. Erythritol is widely approved as sweetener in many countries. Its mild sweet flavor enhances the taste and is a major contributor to the formula of FruitSwit


l  Stevioside

Stevioside is a naturally extracted component derived from a plant leaf called Stevia rebanianum. It is a zero calorie highly intense sweetener. The flavor blends and works together with Monk fruit and Erythritol to creat a great taste profile to make FruitSwit  the perfect sweetener for those who want a great  almost zero calorie alternative to sugar.


FruitSwit  is offered two ways:

1)        200gram economy vinyl pack;

2)       2.5gram per sachet, 40 sachets per box.


Nutrition   Facts:

Each   100gram contains:


Calorie     0KJ


Protein         0g


Total   Fat      0g


    Saturated Fat   0g


    Trans Fat      0g


    Cholesterol  0mg


Total Carb       86g


Sodium         0mg




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