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Softgel Encapsulation

Manufacturing with the cGMP guided, dust-free, constant temperature and humidity controlled hi-tech facility , offers you high-quality softgels in bulk or bottled.

- Fish Oil (Omega-3) Softgels
- Garlic Oil Softgels
- Evening Primrose Oil Softgels
- GDO free Lecithin Softgels
- Beta Carotene Softgels
- Flaxseed Oil Softgels
- Lutein Softgels
- Lycopene Softgels
- CLA Softgels
- Royal Jelly Softgels
- Vitamin E Softgels
- Milk Thistle Oil Softgels
- Vitamin D Softgels
- Pumpkin Seed Oil Softgels
- Pomegranate Seed Oil Softgels
- Multivitamin Softgels
- Green Tea Extract Softgels
- Grape Seed Oil Softgels
- Ginkgo biloba extract Softgels
- Bitter Melon softgels
- Green Tea Softgels
- Flaxseed oil softgels
- Aloe Vera Softgels
- Goji Berry Softgels
- And many more ...


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